The Talkies Podcast: Ep. 7 – Found Footage Films

The Talkies Podcast: Ep. 7 – Found Footage Films


This week The Talkies dive into the good, the bad and the ugly of found footage films. They start off with a discussion of the genre as a whole, then move into more in-depth discussions of each film. The group first examines the lasting effect of The Blair Witch Project and the ingenuity of the Paranormal Activity series.

The [REC] franchise is next, as your hosts take a careful look at each film of this horror trilogy, and one of The Talkies falls in love with a certain Spanish TV reporter. Cloverfield excites the group, while Chronicle and End of Watch strain at the confines of the genre. Finally, their review of V/H/S leaves one Talkie particularly peeved. You’ll have to take a listen to find out who!

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Ep. 7 Show Notes

Found Footage Films
The Blair Witch Project
Paranormal Activity series
End of Watch