The Talkies Podcast: Ep. 6 Getting Freaky with Friedkin

The Talkies Podcast: Ep. 6 Getting Freaky with Friedkin


In this weeks episode the group starts out with a quick weekly round up that highlights some great documentaries and the state of Orlando Bloom’s career. Next up is their top 5 list of young Hollywood celebrities that makes The Talkies feel inadequate. It’s a lively discussion that induces slight depression and some sighing, but also heaps praise on their picks.

William Friedkin and a few of his many films occupy the second half of the episode, including The French Connection, Sorcerer, Bug and Killer Joe. Do his earlier classics still hold up with these twentysomethings, or is it his later features that knock out The Talkies? Tune into find out the answer, and to hear what is possibly the most interesting discussion of K-Fried-C you’ll ever experience.

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Ep. 6 Show Notes

Weekly Roundup
Alex - The Good Doctor
Long - The Story of Film: An Odyssey / Batman: The Dark Knight Returns – Part 2
Jacob - Waiting for “Superman” / The Larry Sanders Show

Top 5 Young Celebrities That Make Us Feel Inadequate

William Friedkin Films
The French Connection
Killer Joe