The Talkies Podcast: Ep. 19 – Pain and Gain

The Talkies Podcast: Ep. 19 – Pain and Gain


In this episode The Talkies get together to dissect some films from the mind of Michael Bay. Armageddon is first as they chat about the ensemble cast and just how sound the science of the movie is.  Bad Boys II is next, where a few Talkies explain why it is an enjoyable cinematic experience. Also, since you can’t talk about Michael Bay and not mention giant robots, they discuss Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

In the main review, Pain and Gain brings into question Bay’s sense of humor, but there is one Talkie that is giddy with excitement. You’ll have to take a listen to find out who it is and how that sits with the rest of the group!

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Ep. 19 Show Notes


[07:50] Armageddon
[22:14] Bad Boys II
[31:30] Transformer: Dark of the Moon

Main Reviews
[49:29] Pain and Gain