The Talkies Podcast: Ep. 14 – Searching for Sugar Man

The Talkies Podcast: Ep. 14 – Searching for Sugar Man

searchingforsugarmanIn this week’s episode The Talkies gather ‘round to discuss some of their favorite documentaries, but before that Jacob oozes with excitement as he reads their first piece of listener mail. Then each Talkie goes over their personal lists of top 5 documentaries leading up to an in-depth discussion of American Movie, We Live in Public and Exit Through the Gift Shop.

In the main review the group examines the recent documentary Searching for Sugar Man. Tune in to find out of this Oscar winner and critical darling lives up to the hype or doesn’t quite hit it’s mark.

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Ep. 14 Show Notes

Top 5 Documentaries
1. American Movie
2. Winning Time: Reggie Miller Vs The New York Knicks
3. The Last Waltz
4. The Fearless Freaks
5. A Complete History of My Sexual Failures

1. We Live in Public
2. Frat House
3. This Film is Not Yet Rated
4. Capturing the Friedmans
5. Hoop Dreams

Man on Wire
Exit Through The Gift Shop
American Movie
The Imposter
We Live in Public

Documentary Reviews
[11:14] American Movie
[21:12] We Live in Public
[30:50] Exit Through The Gift Shop

Main Review
[38:50] Searching for Sugar Man