Is That You Tommy Lee Jones?

Is That You Tommy Lee Jones?

lincoln-tommy-lee-jones-aceIn recent days at the movie theater I have seen the trailer for Lincoln a couple of times. When I initially watched it on my laptop it was only the voice of Daniel Day Lewis that stuck out to me. How the hell did he make himself sound completely different than himself? If I heard that voice without seeing the face I would never guess it was the same man who played Daniel Plainview or Bill “The Butcher.”

While the movie looks very sweeping and very much like Oscar bait (I mean it worked with War Horse did it not?) there was something that when the trailer came on the big screen concerned me. After all, this is a Spielberg production and the budget is (according to Wikipedia) $50 million….so why does Tommy Lee Jones look like such an idiot in that wig?

This travesty happens at the 1:13 marker and each time I have seen it in the theater people have let out audible laughter. Much like the kind that comes with “From the mind of M. Night Shyamalan.” Talk about a serious distraction. Here I was getting lost in the moment and then appears Tommy Lee Jones with what appears to be a mop on his head. I’ll be having flashbacks for days.

A2xUdFQCUAA-Ur4.png_largeOn a more positive note there was something else that jumped out at me that I missed on my small screen and that is at 1:37 Adam Driver graces us with his presence. Hanna’s strange yet lovable boyfriend from Girls is in a period piece directed by Steven Spielberg. It’s all just so magical. I’m sold. Not to mention a ravishing Jo-Go, and if you don’t love him after his Magic Mike dance on SNL get your eyes checked.

Joseph-Gordon-Levitt-in-Saturday-Night-Live-episode-2012-09-22-08While I’m sure Lincoln won’t hold a candle to the masterpiece that is Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter I’ll still give it a go. Lincoln hits theaters in limited release November 9th and goes wide November 16th.