Girls Season 2 Tackles the Dreaded Ex

Girls Season 2 Tackles the Dreaded Ex

HBO With The Cinema Society Host The New York Premiere Of HBO's "Girls"Awkward is always the word used to describe the oftentimes baffling situations that take place in Girls. However, I think a more apt description would be realistic.  Season 1 was littered with moments that had each and every one of us pulling files from the back of our minds reliving situations from our past with those on screen. Lena Dunham was able to capture the lives of twentysomethings in a way that wasn’t trying to hard or stretching the truth, but rather heartfelt and honest.

The backlash that Girls received weeks before and after it’s premiere is something that will continue to puzzle me to my dying day. Yet, even with the harsh criticism Girls was able to come out on top and deliver one of the best seasons of T.V. in the past decade. With only 10 episodes each running just shy of 30 minutes we were introduced to a group of characters that represent all the crazies in our lives. Nearly 8 months later Dunham is back with a second season that looks like it has even more to say than the first. Check out the trailer below:

The main striking thing from this trailer has to be how the tables have turned. Hannah is now the one with a smothering man in her life while Marnie is the lost soul playing woe is me. Shoshanna is sexing it up while Jessa is playing the newlywed game. What the hell has happened? One of the more enticing aspects of season 2 is how moments from the first season have not been forgotten.

Remember that brooding artist that told Marnie the first time he f***** her she might be a little scared because he was a man and he knew how to do things? Well his name is Booth Jonathan, he’s back and Marnie is about to get all sorts of scared. I can’t blame her, that man is a thing of beauty. However, where most people will relate is the situation that Hannah is now in. Adam can’t get over their break up and he’s making that abundantly clear. It’s a familiar topic that many of us have dealt with but I can’t even imagine yet how Hannah will cope. But with Patrick Wilson around I don’t see how she’ll have any trouble moving on.

As if there wasn’t already so much to be excited about, us Girls fans are in for the biggest treat of all in season 2. More…Hannah….dancing. The thing that makes Dunham’s dancing so fantastic in the show is that you know that’s how she actually dances. What is she doing in front of her computer with those leopard leggings? I must know! Not to mention that yellow “shirt” that seems to be causing a stir. Seems like it could be the result of another opium adventure. Christmas will be long over by January 13 when Girls season 2 premieres but it will serve as the perfect belated gift to treat yourself.

And if you needed a little reminder on why Girls is amazing this clip should surely remind you. I know I have watched it frequently while the show has been on pause.