Girls S2E1 – Welcomes Us Back

Girls S2E1 – Welcomes Us Back

girls001-4_3_rx512_c680x510For anybody that listened to episode 6 of the podcast it should come as no surprise that I absolutely adore Girls. From the moment I saw Tiny Furniture and discovered the world that is Lena Dunham I was addicted. She has a way of creating dialogue and presenting situations we all have experienced in a way that makes you feel like she’s been reading your journal. Needless to say I was more than pumped for the season 2 premiere after what felt like a lifetime since the ending of season 1 (actually only 8 months.)

Lena Dunham and company are back in what seems to be a promising season. In the first season we were introduced in episode 1 into the world of Hannah Horvath not only by meeting her best friends, parents and love interest but also with her first opium experience. It was a scene that will forever stick out in my mind and it kicked off the season with a bang. However with season 2 the premiere was less of a bang but more an easing into the new world Hannah occupies.

As I discussed in an earlier article when first seeing the season 2 trailer it’s clear that the tables have turned for many in the Girls universe. Hannah has come into her own and is basically saying screw the world. The focus of Hannah’s life is Hannah. Dunham has embraced all the elements of her show that initially shocked viewers. Nudity, random references, and classic quotes make up all that is season 2 episode one. A conversation between Elijah and Hannah that references Gertrude Stein, Squeaky Fromme and Peter Paul and Mary is proof positive of this.  To me, the show now feels much like the second movie in a trilogy when you no longer need to explain the why or how but can just do. We already know that Hannah fancies her figure and doesn’t mind showing it off so we can move past that initial shock. The show now flows in a way that wasn’t found in the earlier episodes of season 1.


There is a scene in the opening episode of season 2 where Hannah’s former love interest Adam isn’t treating her so well and she has no problem saying that to his face. His response is merely, “When you love someone you don’t have to be nice to them all the time.” Ahh it’s quotes like this that make me remember why I love Girls so much. I’m sure we all know someone that would say something like that. And with my first viewing I thought what a little turd Adam was for saying something so brash, but then I started doing some thinking. I tend to be a dick to the poeple I love the most and I think subconsciously it’s because I know I love them and I think they do too therefore I don’t have to be nice all the time.

Mind blown. Adam had some sage wisdom.


While the first episode of the new season wasn’t full of big events or shocking reveals it was chock-full of something we did need and that’s some well needed catch up time with our friends. Hannah is living the single life trying to escape Adam and his injuries from being hit by a truck in the last episode of season 1. She has a new boy toy and is taking things slow, you know learning form her shaky past. Something we all should try once and a while. Her new roommate and ex-gay boyfriend Elijah are living it up in the apartment her and Marnie used to share.


Speaking of Marnie she is still annoying the shit out of me. And in the grand tradition of noticing hands I have indeed noticed a few things. Her hands are monstrous. Seriously check those puppies out when you get a chance. Sure she’s “hot” but Marnie is the type of character that I feel gives girls a bad name sometimes, but frighteningly girls like her do exist. The way she toyed around with Charlie promising more blow jobs and finally going to his tiny apartment I couldn’t stand anything she did in season 1. Now, she is the lonely one with no boyfriend and a shitty work situation as she was just let go from her position at an art gallery. I don’t know if it is Allison Williams or just great writing on Dunham’s part but Marnie is highly unlikable but it works for me in the show. Is it wrong that I love to see her get the short end of the stick?

Shoshanna has found herself in the awkward situation of being incredibly sexually compatible with somebody but it not quite translating into the social realm. Her and Ray have multiple awkward encounters at Hannah and Elijah’s housewarming party but it’s clear that she holds a special place in his heart. He just can’t seem to stay away and in a classic party scene the have a serious make out sesh in the coat room. What will come of those two is beyond me but I have a feeling their relationship will soar.

One thing that was lacking from the premiere episode was some downtime with my girl Jessa. We were all left so stunned at the end of the first season when she married a man she barely knew and took off with him. We only get a small glimpse of their life as she gets in a cab back from their honeymoon only to not be able to tell the cab driver her address. This storyline is where I’m concerned the show might take a nosedive but then again it’s only the first episode. We still have miles to go.


There are still countless moments from the trailer that I’m dying to see and each episode should clear them up one by one. Keep reading as I’ll be documenting my thoughts about each episode as the season progresses!