Girls S2E9 – Doom and Gloom

Girls S2E9 – Doom and Gloom

dAs we near the finale for Girls season 2 all the characters seem to be moving about as far away from resolution to their problems as they can. Instead they are all running at lightning speed into a storm of shit that I’m sure will leave us all feeling confused with the finale next week.

But before that happens let’s discuss what happened this week in an episode that had few laughs, plenty of cringe worthy moments and proved to be a classic example of two conundrums in life. One is something we are all familiar with and that is history will always repeat itself. Two is a behavior most would like to never admit is their downfall and that’s the inability to cope properly with a good thing.


That sentiment is expressed through Adam and new found girlfriend Natalia. We find them living the couple life, adoring one another and making the move into couch dancing. Natalia seems to be the most normal character Girls has ever encountered. It’s almost uncomfortable to see how put together she is with her steady job and absolute confidence in what she wants.

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This becomes very clear when she expresses to Adam that she’s ready to have sex in a way that clearly reads she’d been careful in her decision to do so. I mean Adam has “been nice all week” so why the hell not?  Before they start getting down and dirty she lays out a list of dos and don’ts that for me teetered the line of taking the fun out of sex and being sexy enough to ask for what you want. For a brief moment her list of specifications has hints of a Hannah rant but her charm redeems her.

Adam loves her direct approach given that there is no room for him to be left confused. But, for those of us that know how he can truly be that seems almost too boring for him. After all, this is a guy that randomly started jerking off while Hannah was in his place, had her talk down to him like he was a bad boy and then asked her to step on his balls. He has his quirks.

This is where our life lessons come into play, from the moment I saw how good this was going for him I knew he would have to fudge it up somehow. I don’t want to say it’s always the males that take giant shits on the relationships when everything is going so well it couldn’t get any better but they do it often enough.


He attends an engagement party for one of Natalia’s friends where as viewers we get even more proof that she is ALMOST COMPLETELY NORMAL. Adam appears almost dumbfounded that her friends love her so much and people could have that much fun without “issues.” While taking a break from the crowd outside he runs into Hannah who is walking back from the hospital after lodging a Q-tip in her ear, but more on that later.

The two try to act normal with one another even though Hannah is a scary mess and Adam who I’m not sure is done getting over her seems to be squirming just standing in front of her. When she tells him what led to her hospital outing he immediately chimes in with “Jesus Christ kid be careful!” It’s a moment that is so genuine and for a brief second you forget they ever broke up or that she completely broke his heart.

Everybody hates running into their ex trying to pretend that life is great, even if you’re with someone new. Because as much as you may love that new person there is a 90% chance there is unresolved shit with your ex that rears it’s ugly head the minute you lay eyes upon them. Adam removes himself from the situation at the very moment those thoughts begin to take over and he almost has verbal diarrhea.


When he returns to the party frazzled by his encounter his next move is to start drinking again…..something that terrified me to my core. I sat there completely stunned and to be honest my heart started racing. Nothing good could come of that. Sure, they have some laughs and a little montage of their dancing (which was very adorable set to “Valentine” by Fiona Apple) shows us he has a good time for a while but was anybody under impression that would last?

He doesn’t appear drunk when they return to his place where Natalia sees his “living space” for the first time. He questions her about what the impression of his place makes her think about him overall asking mainly does it change her opinion. She says no but there seems to be more to that response and a sense of hesitation. Then, Adam becomes Adam again  by merely saying, “Get on all fours.”

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Little Natalia seems confused by this request. SO he asks again. Immediately anybody who has been paying attention for even 4 minutes is saying “Oh no……” at this point. Natalia is not that kind of girl. She is the kind that is on birth control but needs you to blow your load outside of her just in case. I’m not knocking this behavior but that’s her mentality. Getting on all fours and crawling on the disgusting floor to Adam’s room is not her thing!

He seems to get a glaze in his eyes that becomes almost scary, like he is in a very aggressive trance. I’m all for a man taking a little charge in the bedroom and leading the show but the way he tosses around Natalia like she’s a rag doll was more than uncomfortable. Her face isn’t one of enjoyment but rather disgust and pain and as each second passes you can see her growing concern that Adam might not be everything she thought.


He does abide by her requests and finishes on her chest but this was the most difficult moment in Girls history to watch. More than all the other awkward sex scenes in the show this was the worst because even though I don’t think Adam intended it this way it really seemed like she had no choice in the matter.

Nothing about the scene is supposed to be funny but is rather the most depressing ever in Girls. We watch as he completely kills all the charm and wonder that was the character of Adam most of which was discovered last week. He declares at the end “Jesus, I feel dizzy” but it sounds more like “Wtf have I done?”  It’s not clear if it was the alcohol, his encounter with Hannah or boredom with a stable relsationship that drives him to dark, agresive sex but it has to be one of them.

Natalia is in a position that is familiar to many of us I think. She was in that spot where it’s the honeymoon phase of a relationship and you’re under the impression you know the person well enough to decide that they’re worth settling for. But then something happens where you get a too in-depth and accurate look at the person you’re falling in love with. Ultimately, you see a true side to them that may not be something you can tolerate.

Even though it’s only been two episodes with her character I absolutely love her. She is a refreshing component to the show that makes us realize most of the Girls characters do have their heads up their own asses. I’m hoping in the finale they hold true to her character and she doesn’t shy away from making the decision she probably should make.

Although, on a side note I didn’t appreciate her knowing that Adam is in AA (given that her alcoholic mom set them up via her AA meeting) and asking him if she can drink. I think she could have taken a night off and possible pushed a little harder for him not to have a Jack and Ginger. Personally, I would have been a little more concerned but then again I wouldn’t know what to do with an alcoholic that quit drinking at 17.

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Hannah has crawled even deeper in the OCD depths and things do not appear to be getting any better. After having a  meeting with her mentor from Pumped Magazine about her first pages for the book she is back at the ticks with the number 8. She even picks a wedgie 8 times. She has honestly just become a complete mess and it doesn’t help that she’s living alone.


After getting a splinter in her bottom from sliding on her wooden floors she takes to cleaning her ears. It’s a  hard scene to watch because you can see she isn’t letting up on getting a Q-tip all the way into her ear. You know there is only one outcome and it’s going to freaking hurt. Needless to say she seems to puncture her eardrum and calls her parents.

On a sub-note it’s scenes like this that really make me NOT want to have kids. I can’t imagine loving my child and then watching them deal with issues like this. It would be so painful because you’d only want to help but like with Hannah they have done all they can. Eventually, they yell at her to go to the hospital where a very blunt doctor patches up her ear.


She requests to keep the Q-tip and at the time I didn’t understand why but after she had seen Adam and made her way home she returns to the bathroom. Suddenly it all made sense, she needs to clean her other ear…with the same Q-tip…in the same way. While I can only identify in a very mild way with her OCD behaviors I actually do understand based off of what we’ve seen why she feels imbalanced with her ears as she tells the doctor. I don’t think it’s cause to mess up her other eardrum but I get it.

Hannah needs to get people back in her life and stop being a hermit or this behavior will be her undoing. As much as she may not want to admit it some time away from he city with her parents might be key. I have a feeling we will start season 3 with various references to how Hannah spent a handful of months at home getting better.

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In an interview about episode 9 Lena Dunham described Marnie as being that person that is unaware of how she is really perceived by the world and I agree with that wholeheartedly. After Ray expressed that if she wants to sing she should do so Marnie has done exactly that. In fact she needs Ray’s help to “lay down a track” which he begrudlingly does in the peace Snuggie very few of us may remember from Season 1.


After Charlie completely forget’s their lunch plans and very clearly doesn’t give a shit Marnie was understandably pissed. But to soften the blow he invites her to a company party since his app is now being used by a boatload of people.

Ray arrives and seems to be disgusted by the new office life Charlie has set up for himself (a storyline I wish they were exploring but kind of haphazardly threw in this week) and Marnie is extra happy with her big surprise she’s planned. She has really taken what Ray said about her voice to heart and even gets him to be her final word in approval so she can perform the track she has “laid down.”

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Much like The Fray covered Kanye West’s “Heartless” Marnie has created a slow lounge version of his “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” in a moment that is priceless. Why that song? Why that venue? Why why why? To be fair though, she performs as if her behavior is 100% appropriate and everybody is loving it. My favorite moments have to be the various reaction shots we get, the faces of the crowd move between surprised, confused, digusted and everything in-between.



wefHowever, her vocal cords really must get the juices in Charlie’s penis going because despite her obvious loss of marbles he takes her into an office only to screw her on a table. Marnie has really changed given that I don’t think her character in the first season would have had sex on an office table with a large amount of party guests behind the door. More power to you.

Given that both are in such a different place then when they were in an actual relationship this kind of kinky sex might be just what they’re looking for. This is Marnie we’re talking about though and eventually her holier-than-thou attitude and overall annoying behavior will take over and bring this situation crashing down.


Lastly, Shoshanna is still trying to cope with her soiree with the doorman from last week. She does this by overcompensating, catering to Ray but also feels guilty every time he even touches her. It’s clear she isn’t hiding her guilt very well and Ray has begun to notice. He spends most of the episode trying to act normal only to have her cower or immediately walk away from  him.

At Charlie’s party she awkwardly tells him he could have sex with any girl there since he’s looking so good, including her. I’m getting the impression she has grown restless with Ray and is looking to get poked by a few other fellas before settling down. But poor Ray.

It all builds up to a moment that I thought I predicted last week where she quickly blurts out what she did but her quick words were missing a very important detail….such as what she did that was so bad. She tells Ray that all of her erratic behavior has been due to holding hands with the doorman.

Oh dear.

The cute thing is that Shoshanna is such a strange person that Ray actually believes that tiny mistake would be why she’s acting very crazy. He hugs her expresses that he loves her so much in a way that made my heart melt and I think made her feel worse. Eventually she has to tell him what happened and I have a feeling Ray is going on a clear path to ending up like Adam after Hannah dumped him.

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Here we are witnessing history repeating itself. Hannah has reverted to her OCD hell and sadly Adam has killed years sobriety for a Jack and Ginger. Not to mention Marnie and Charlie can’t just leave well enough alone. While we may not have seen the specific pasts of these characters save Marnie and Charlie over the course of the series it’s easy to see they are all going to a spot that is well known for them. I would say comfortable but I highly doubt counting potato chips, busting eardrums and twitching like a maniac are comfortable for Hannah.

While I’m not sure how this new dark turn is working for fellow Girls viewers something inside of me feels it’s necessary with a show like this. It may be comedic at times but the key thing that about the show that is always appreciated is how truthful it is. Dunham could not create complex characters without showing their dark side as well, it wouldn’t be fair.

And let’s not forget plenty of other comedic and even family shows that took a break or two for some serious episodes that might have thrown their viewers off.


Growing Pains – Carol’s boyfriend (Matthew Perry) dies. :(


Home Improvement – Randy questions his religion!


Smart Guy – T.J. encounters a child molester.


Saved by the Bell – I think we all know this one.

I’m invested now and I gotta say that this week has me very worked up and I’m incredibly concerned for both Adam and Hannah. This is what I look for in the shows I watch because ultimately I can stop focusing on my troubles and for a moment have solace that there are others more screwed up than me.

And again, is this hairdo in style these days?

Girls S2 E9 - Shoshanna