Girls S2E5 – What Can Patrick Wilson Do For You?

Girls S2E5 – What Can Patrick Wilson Do For You?

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Well, Lena Dunham has certainly done it again. What I’m referring to of course is that fact that I’m sure this week’s episode of Girls titled “One Man’s Trash” is going to piss people off. I can hear the complaints bubbling up already.

“Nothing even happened, what was the point?!?”

“Could she be more naked?”

“Patrick Wilson would never have sex with her!”

And the list goes on and on….

However, I feel there are going to be a few of us out there that come out exquisitely happy with this episode. Up until now the episodes of season 2 have had Hannah as a background character leaving room for Marnie’s inability to make lemonade with the lemons life has given her and well of course coke. Because what’s a TV show without a coke virgin popping that cherry?!?  But, with the appearance of Patrick Wilson and all his deliciousness that dynamic has changed. Nite Owl to the rescue!


The episode feels much like a “bottle episode” which is usually reserved for when a TV show needs to save money. It uses a few main characters on one main set for the duration of the episode. With Girls recently being renewed for a third season and the use of Patrick Wilson I hardly believe this is an attempt to pinch their pennies but it turned out interesting nonetheless.

I must also admit up front that Mr. Wilson has been a serious favorite on my “totally want to do you” list since he was misbehaving in Little Children. Mmm the way he glides his fingers across Kate Winslet’s arm in the trailer…

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 12.12Maybe that makes me bias but I just look at it like an added bonus.

The plot this week is really quite simple. Wilson plays Joshua a man living down the street from Cafe Grumpy where Hannah does an impression of working from time to time. Joshua comes to the café to speak with the manager (Ray) about mysterious bags of trash from the establishment that wind up in his can. The thing about this situation is from the first moment Joshua even suggests this ridiculous behavior is coming from Cafe Grumpy you know that Hannah is involved. This is only confirmed more as she squirms around when Ray proceeds to yell at the man for suggesting any of his employees would do that rather than just use the company dumpster.

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 12.15Having just come off of a recent conversation about “sexit” a move described by urban dictionary as,

a hasty exit by a couple from a social gathering in order to get to copulating as soon as possible,

Hannah takes this opportunity to seek out Joshua and tell him the true story. She in fact was the one putting garbage from the cafe in his trash to avoid telling Ray she lost her Dumpster key. This is a move I like to call “ A classic Hannah.” This ultimately leads to the duo enjoying one another’s company for the next two days while also have loads of sex.

Yes that’s it. As is always the case with Girls Dunham leaves nothing behind and we get plenty full frontal shots of those little boobies she possesses. I had a realization today and it’s something I’ve been troubled by from the moment Hannah revealed her body for the first time. I had this pestering feeling that I’d seen that same type of body somewhere. Today I finally remembered…

rubens_andromeda earth-waterHis name was Peter Paul Rubens and he constantly painted women like this.

That’s right, this look was once classically beautiful. Ahh there is nothing like an old painting to make you feel like you were totally born in the wrong era. I guess in a sense you could say Dunham does have a classical body. But let’s save that argument for another day.

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 12.16

After revealing the truth to Joshua she goes in for the kiss like there is no tomorrow. This leads to their first sexual encounter. Given that Hannah has only been with young idiots and the situation is a bit weird to say the least she assumes afterwards that she is going to perform a quick exit. Little does she know Joshua is a lonely man.

This whole first meeting and inevitable sex that happens between Hannah and Joshua is something that will immediately separate the haters from the lovers. There is no time in this episode to focus on the fact that she puts herself in a potentially dangerous situation. Sure, she hesitates coming into this stranger’s house for a very fleeting moment but ultimately zooms right in. Then again, this is Patrick Wilson we’re talking about. Any semblance of logical thinking needs to ironically be left at the front door. If a viewer is able to move on from the fact that this is a possibly stupid move on her part the rest should be smooth sailing…sort of.

Joshua is also the kind of guy that goes by the name Joshua. He claims there was a Josh he knew that he just didn’t like. If you ask me it’s more an attempt to even further remove himself from the environment of young bucks he has planted himself in.  It’s like when any of your douchebag friends decide they have “grown up” and move on from Joe to Joseph or Sam to Samuel. It’s all the same pretentious shit. The dude has probably gone by Josh his entire life until his wife up and left him. Now suddenly he needs a change, and the multiple times Hannah casually throws around Josh he cringes.

I’m not saying it’s the only reason he asks her to stay but I am saying his loneliness plays a large part in their two-day adventure. During a conversation about his background he discusses very briefly the separation he is currently in from his wife and that he is a doctor. In the midst of this a young crowd from next door blast music and ride unicycles over the fence driving Joshua nuts. He expresses that he is the oldest guy on the block and can’t stand his neighbors.

It’s clear that even with the amazing house he has there are obviously things missing. Hannah conveys many times how taken aback she is by his beautiful home and all the things inside. Her reaction is more an amazement of how the other half lives than merely just an appreciation of a nice set of bookshelves.

For me, this is the heart of the episode. While there may not be any snorting of drugs or epic verbal assaults by two catty women there is plenty going on in Hannah’s head. In every little way possible Joshua is unlike any of the men Hannah has previously been with. He wants her to stay and in a scene where she asks him to beg you can sense she just loves hearing that.

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 12.17

In another scene where they are beginning to sex it up he gets prepared for a little action downstairs and asks her to deliver the goods. Seconds later she flips the switch and requests that he instead do it to her. Could you ever imagine her blatantly asking Adam to do such a thing without there being a huge stink about it? It’s one of those rare moments where Hannah knows what she wants and asks for it. She is with an older man that has seemed eager to please and she takes advantage of the situation.

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 12.18Even with all the playing around you get the vibe through most of the episode that both Hannah and Joshua are aware of what they’re involved in. He is enjoying being able to give someone attention as he strokes her hair and cooks her dinner and she loves every minute of it. It seems like there is a very mature thing happening until Hannah….well becomes Hannah again.

new 3She delivers a monologue that I imagine will polarize many people. Up until that point Joshua seemed to feed off of Hannah’s youthfulness as she did with his older qualities. She begins tearing up at the realization that she isn’t special and ultimately she wants to be happy just like everyone else. She talks about how she let’s shitty things happen to her solely so she can take experience from that and impart her wisdom on others. Before she thought that is what she wanted her life to be but after her experience with Joshua her world is rocked.

I think in that brief moment her realization is coming from a very honest place but it’s one I didn’t expect to last long. She could have cut it off right there but she goes on and on to the point where she has talked herself out of a cute lovable girl with momentary deep thoughts into a crazy person.

Joshua’s face makes that very clear to viewers. It’s quite reminiscent of his character in Young Adult. Here again he is faced with a woman that just takes things one step too far and scares the crap out of him. He starts off so supportive and ends up completely turned off and reminded of exactly what he wasn’t looking for. From his face it seems he has started to look at her like the neighbors he has been trying to avoid.

While I’m sure none of us can relate to Hannah’s attempt at a shitty life for the greater good of others I can liken it to something else. There is a point in most people’s lives when they are single that they reach the “I’m okay” point. You start realizing you have more time to focus on yourself and suddenly there are no important dates to remember or plan for. The grass that once looked greener begins to turn a stale brown and single life isn’t all that defines you.

Then you find yourself alone on a Saturday night, a bottle of wine later half asleep on the couch watching (insert romantic movie here). There is a moment where you’re honest with yourself and come to terms with that fact that a relationship is what you really want. Having to keep plans and pack an overnight bag is better than a blanket all to yourself and no one to share Kazoozles with.

Even though Hannah says she feels this way about her life in general I think her past relationships are a bigger part in that. Having been fresh out of the relationship with Adam and Sandy what she is getting from Joshua, while it may be for a short time, is something she actually desires. She realizes it’s okay to feel that way because even though it may be common with most it’s still what her heart tells her.

However, saying these things to a guy you just met after you passed out in his shower letting the steam get a little crazy is not a genius idea. In an attempt to merely avoid another moment of chat time with Hannah he gives her a kiss when she asks and insists that she stay. Smash cut to Hannah waking up alone.

new 2She takes advantage of his breakfast goodies, t-shirt and reading nook in the backyard the same way people take an extra long shower in a hotel room. Then she is off to what I imagine is another day at Café Grumpy or at least to get her purse before heading home.

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 12.21Did Hannah learn anything? I really don’t think so. To me, that’s not the important thing because most of us don’t learn anything from the experiences in our life we probably should. This episode is an example of the moments many of us young ones have where we become motivated and make grand plans only to wake up the next morning, lay in our bed all day surfing the internet and ultimately have to ask ourselves what the hell we’ve been for the last five hours. It’s like being really stoned realizing you have true clarity on something only to have it float away moments later. You grasp at it for a little while longer and then finally let it go and find some Munchies to snack upon.

Much like the “Zou Bisou, Bisou” performance in Mad Men by Jessica Pare had people in two different camps I think “One Man’s Trash” will do the same. Everybody will remember it but for very different reasons. But hey, anytime we get to see Patrick Wilson looking tan and delectable is time well spent.