Girls S2E4 – Dinner Can Be Dangerous

Girls S2E4 – Dinner Can Be Dangerous

Screen shot 2013-02-03 at 10.52It became apparent in this weeks episode of Girls that Hannah has an uncanny ability to pose a question or topic that ultimately leads to complete and utter disaster. While we spent most of season 1 with Hannah and her issues season 2 and particularly episode 4 delves much more into the problems of those around her.

First things first. Elijah has officially been kicked out of the apartment and Hannah seems all but done with him. Something I’m having a hard time coming to terms with is the fact that somehow she can still hang with Marnie. Sure, she may be pissed and not make it easy for Marnie but the girl still invites her to a dinner party. Hannah does however claim there was never a thought in her mind that she would actually show. Little does she know Marnie is a needy wench. Meh.

Hannah’s career as a freelance writer seems to be going swimmingly given that has decided to publish her first piece. Ahh how I would love to read that article. Naturally, she decides it’s time to celebrate and a dinner party for her closest friends seems quite fitting. As does organic pad thai. Is she adorable or what? And can I say upfront that I’m dying to get my hands on that dress she is wearing.


Things start to get messy a mere four minutes into the episode when Marnie shows up and sees that Charlie is there with his hipster headband wearing girlfriend Audrey. That girl is the perfect display of many girls I saw in college trying to rock a strap digging into their forehead. This isn’t the first encounter the three have had together and honestly from the moment their eyes all meet you know shit is about to hit the fan.

An awkward discussion of Audrey’s mustard business and Marnie’s newfound job as a hostess is a prime example of how girls try to be casually bitchy. Marnie snickers at the talk of mustard as Charlie commends the salty and sweet factors of his girlfriend’s creation. Seconds later Audrey breaks down Marnie’s job belittling it but still smiling all the way through. Things were bound to get ugly.

Hannah’s dinner party conversation moves in the realm of all things sex. This highlights something I think many will be familiar with and that is the friend we all have that knows next to nothing about sex. These people can go two ways.  One is laughing at sex jokes and pretending to know what a dirty sanchez is. The other is more the route Shoshanna takes which is being completely unaware of her innocence.


Here is where Hannah’s new ability of screwing everything up comes into play. She casually mentions that the only thing she would never do sexually again is a butt plug. And when I say casually I mean it. Not only does Shoshanna not know what a butt plug is but when it’s described why somebody would enjoy one she can’t believe it. Everybody sits stunned that Shoshanna could be so clueless and the discussion quickly moves into  buttholes.

Now, while Marnie and Audrey tried to play nice by being secretly bitchy earlier the next series of events moves into a whole new league of bitch. Upon finding out that butthole is Marnie’s trigger word Audrey continues to repeat it like a douchebag. Ray then suggests Marnie hears the word and imagines Audrey guarding Charlie’s butthole. Again, Ray always has a way with words. Also, keep in mind this is the same guy that told Marnie in season 1 that he wouldn’t even want to hate-fuck her so I’m sure he had no problem egging on this situation.


Marnie declares she never thinks about Charlie’s butthole and Audrey takes the opportunity to unload all of her shit at the dinner table. To be honest I understand why she would be frustrated with her position. Having to constantly see your boyfriend’s ex at every get together would get tired but we have seen many examples of Audrey not being the most amazing girlfriend. However her reactions in previous situations could also just have been a reaction to seeing Marnie. It’s another epic chicken or the egg battle that shall never be answered.

While Audrey rips into Marnie about constantly showing up at social gatherings such as the dinner and not being able to let Charlie go Marnie fights back. The group does what the rest of us would do and watch the whole dinner come to a screeching halt not knowing where things will land.

It becomes clear that someone needs to leave and Marnie suggests that Hannah picks who it will be. When Hannah suggests that Charlie should get to decide Marnie tells her to grow up. Okay, it’s true Hannah may have some growing up to do and her answer maybe should have been along lines of no but Marnie just asked her to do a very childish thing in itself. The fact that Marnie immediately jumps to a 5th grade mentality of forcing people to be ostracized by their host suggests she has some growing up on her end to do as well.


Charlie pulls a classic move running after his ex-girlfriend when she goes to sulk on the rooftop. If you didn’t see Charlie and Marnie kissing coming from a mile away you’re a fool. They are on a rooftop. It’s a gorgeous night. Charlie is a dope. All these factors lead to laying a wet one on her. So after Charlie expresses that Audrey is merely insecure and threatened by what he and Marnie had and then kissing her she reveals something shocking, at least to me.

She is seeing someone and his name is Booth Jonathan.


Is anybody really seeing Booth Jonathan? He doesn’t really strike me as the kind of lad that “sees” girls but rather pumps the shit of them and calls it a day. I could be wrong but only time will tell. Has Charlie learned his lesson? I freaking hope so. Get over the girl with man hands that toys with your feelings and enjoy your petite hipster. It’s really that simple.

He returns to his friends only to realize that his girlfriend has left and he is an idiot. When he complains about Marnie and their situation Hannah runs to her defense, something I was not entirely surprised about. Hannah makes mention in a list of all the things that have gone wrong in Marnie’s life that she had sex with a gay man and sets off what I think will be another sticky situation. Charlie obvious has no idea what the hell she is talking about but I’m sure in the next episode he will find out the whole truth.

Girls S2 E4 - Hannah

The rest of the dinner party crew tries to enjoy their time together and Hannah’s new ability strikes again! While enjoying a bunt cake she seems awfully proud of she asks Ray where he is living now. Smash cut to Shoshanna realizing Ray essentially lives with her, something she has been entirely unaware of.

There is something so fantastic about the way Shoshanna works out a confusing situation. It’s as if she has to say everything out loud in order for it to make sense. The effectiveness of this is really owed to Zosia Mamet who has been killing it this season. Feeling like she has been used by Ray she tables the conversation until their awkward journey back home…the one they both share.


There was something remarkable I was completely unprepared for when walking into a episode four. Sure, there are many romantic moments in TV history that make girls squirm in their seat with sheer excitement but this episode takes the cake.

The relationship between Ray and Shoshanna is one that I think made complete sense to viewers but has the characters confused. That is, until their moment in the subway. Shoshanna starts breaking down their relationship and Ray immediately jumps in saying flat out that he is a loser. My heart started melting when he says “You don’t’ think I was counting down the days until you figured it out?” Imagine being Ray in that situation feeling completely inadequate to what he describes as his, “beautiful, cute smart 21 year old girlfriend.”

What’s so great is that this feels like such a genuine moment between a new couple. Ray speaks about himself in a way that makes you realize how much he truly likes her otherwise he wouldn’t care if he was a loser or not. He asks her what makes him worth dating and her response is that she’s falling in love with him. Even though his immediate reaction is that it’s way too early to say that his final admission had me tearing up.

“I love you so fucking much.”

He says it not once…but twice. This moment could have been cheesy as hell but it feels like one of the most real admissions of love I’ve ever seen. He says it like he has known from the moment he laid eyes one her and had no idea what to do with all that love. This moment is so fitting for their odd relationship. A normal “I love you” experience for Ray and Shoshanna would have felt unwarranted.

I can’t stop watching their time on screen together and it’s a relationship all of us can only hope to be in someday. And to think, all of this came from a discussion about a butt plug.


The third main story of the episode is Jessa meeting her in-laws but I find myself having next to nothing to say about it. Unfortunately while I’m loving the new season Jessa and her hubby are the one thing I don’t look forward to watching. It was interesting for maybe one episode to see Jessa in the wife role and how her wild child spirit combats with her new life but eventually that got old. And when I say eventually I mean one episode later.

At dinner Jessa behaves in a way that is not shocking to any viewer. She is uncensored and honest to a point about her past with drugs that has her mother in law completely disgusted. I think we all know at this point that Jessa is not the girl you bring home to mama and this is a prime example of why. The horrid dinner leads to a fight between Jessa and Thomas-John where they say some of the meanest shit to each other and eventually decide to part ways. But not before he insults her way of life prior to their meeting and she punches him in the face.

And then breaks one of his humanitarian awards.


I hope their separation sticks because I’m ready to see Jessa back in action as a free-spirited kimono wearing maneater. The episode ends with what was actually a very touching scene. We get to see Jessa cry for what I think is the first time in the series. She strikes me as the kind of girl that wouldn’t waste her time with tears but ultimately she is human.

I can’t say after this episode of Girls that I’m looking forward to my next dinner party but then again who knows what could happen. I could either make out on a rooftop, realize I’ve gained a new roommate or get punched in the face. All I know is there seem like nothing bundt trouble.