Girls S2E3 – Drugs Not Hugs…But Dancing

Girls S2E3 – Drugs Not Hugs…But Dancing

Screen-shot-2013-01-27-at-7.44.50-PMI remember the day after Mad Men premiered the 6th episode of season 5 and everybody was losing their minds after Roger delved into the world of LSD. For a show like Mad Men a drug related episode such as that was something very daring. With Girls however, it was only a matter of time. Hannah doesn’t dabble in LSD or opium circa season 1 but rather cocaine. Needless to say there is fabulous dancing, uncomfortable sex and even an appearance by Duncan Sheik. That’s right, the dude from the 90s that occupied our radios for a month with “Barely Breathing”. But more on that later.

In an attempt to act as a freelance writer Hannah embarks on her first adventure with cocaine at the suggestion of her new employer from What does the site consist of? I have no idea but with a title like that and suggestions such as popping your drug cherry I’d say it’s interesting stuff.

I love the character of Hannah for many reasons but this episode really highlights one of the qualities I love most. Even when presented with something such as acquiring drugs, taking said drugs and recording her afterthoughts all for a mere $200 bucks she is calm as a cucumber. She isn’t thrown off as I’d be a if a possible employer threw this option at me casually. However she does have a few questions, such as how shall she obtain the booger sugar?


In her quest for the powdery substance Marnie suggests a junkie tenant in Hannah’s building named Laird. He’s the kind of junkie that has a flat screen TV in his apartment and a neat little row of POM Wonderful in the refrigerator. That all may be due to his recent sobriety but upon Laird revealing that little fact Hannah still continues to question him about getting cocaine.


Elijah partakes in the cocaine project suggesting they experience the DJ styling’s of Andrew Andrew, a gay pair that have the same name and look exactly like each other while also mentioning,

“Let’s have the kind of night where it’s like 5 am and one of us has definitely punched someone who’s been on a Disney Channel show.”


Is there really anything more to say? Their trip is an amazing dance sequence set to various songs but my favorite has to be “I Love It” by Icona Pop. They jump, sweat profusely and sing together in a way that makes me wish I had my own personal Elijah, and I don’t even dance!

Girls S2 E3 - Hannah and Elijah

Meanwhile Marnie encounters and old favorite of mine….Booth Jonathan. The mysterious but confident artist she met last season that was a man and knew how to do things. Having been a fan of his for years Marnie tries to play it cool but he drags her right out of work to have sex with him. But not before she lays into him about his derivative work and con man status. However, this is Booth Jonathan we’re talking about and of course he is turned on by the aggression.


Before plowing her they look at a few pieces he’s been working on. In true mysterious artist fashion Booth Jonathan has a contraption made of multiple TVs stacked on top of each other creating a circular booth that he locks Marnie in. Countless TV screens surround her with crying babies, animals and a slew of other random images as “Barely Breathing” by Duncan Sheik plays.


Having been a huge Duncan Sheik fan back in the day this was an incredibly surprising moment mostly due to its random nature. Why the hell would you pick that song out of all the songs in the world? Oh Dunham you’ve done it again and amazed me with your fearless writing. Booth Jonathan then proceeds to make some espresso, check his e-mail (he is still using AOL, I thought I was the only one!) and work on his teddy bear creation. Upon exiting the creation Marnie’s WTF reaction has you thinking his work is a joke but seconds later she tells him how talented he is. You know what that means…

Yes, they have sex. It’s the kind of sex that baffles me. Mostly because I’m not even sure if Marnie enjoyed herself. I think she was mostly just happy to nail someone she had pined over for years. After taking her from behind and making her stare at a doll the awkward sex ends and she let’s out an adorable laugh. It’s the kind of laugh that says, “Wow, so that’s what it’s like eh?”

Girls S2E3 - Hannah and Elijah

During their dance extravaganza Elijah reveals to Hannah that he had sex with Marnie. It goes exactly how he predicted in last week’s episode only with more comedic beats. Hannah looses her shit and expresses that she was supposed to be the last girl he ever slept with. They argue in drugstore at some god-awful hour all while she is in the mesh yellow tank top. One of the best moments is where she attempts to make out with Elijah and all he has to say is, “When did you eat jerky?”

Laird appears in the drugstore informing both that he’s been following them from the beginning out of guilt for buying her drugs. Aww junkies can be so sweet. He accompanies them to Booth Jonathan’s house because Hannah has a bone to pick and via text has found our where Marnie was.


This is my favorite kind of episode for two reasons. One being that it’s incredibly fun throughout. There I was watching somebody have an amazing experience with cocaine and while that’s not the best message to send to people I loved it to pieces. So sue me. It’s little touches like Hannah questioning if there is a rule that they can’t do cocaine at 4 pm that make it so unique to Girls. Every show needs a drug episode and while Saved by the Bell has caffeine pills Girls has cocaine. One and the same.


Secondly is that while all this fun is being had there is still a pivotal moment that moves the story along. First, Elijah reveals his big secret and Hannah chews out Marnie for it. Things have been shaky ever since their argument last season that ultimately lead the deterioration of their roommate status. Since episode 1 things between the two so-called best friends haven’t felt quite right and it was inevitable that it would all come to a head.

At the end of the episode in Booth Jonathan’s house Hannah forces Marnie to admit that she is a bad friend, something I have felt all along. The thing that is truly sad is that Marnie doesn’t put up a fight about it because it seems she knows it’s the truth. I’m hoping this leads to the end of those two but unfortunately I think not. Elijah isn’t off the chain either no matter how much of a lovable roommate he is. In the end Hannah tells him he has to move out, then she has sex with Laird. But who didn’t see that one coming?


My absolutely favorite moment is when Laird comes out of nowhere after having gone missing in Booth Jonathan’s house expressing that they need to get the f*** out of there. My guess is he experienced the Duncan Sheik device and it didn’t have the same effect on him that Marnie had.

In the end Girls episode 6 tackles the question of what makes a bad friend. While viewers may not agree with Hannah’s quick anger and brash reaction it begs the question of what each of us would do that that type of situation. I can’t say that I’d act rationally particularly if I were high on loads of coke.


We have seen Hannah and Marnie go from the closest of friends to mere acquaintances. I think this sort of situation can ring true to any of us that have slowly grown apart from friends that were once our best. In fact many of the things Hannah has said to the people that treat her like shit are the things we have only imagined saying to the assholes in our lives. Personally I live vicariously through her in those moments, even if I can only feel that satisfaction for a brief second.