Girls S2E2 – Honesty Isn’t Always the Best Policy

Girls S2E2 – Honesty Isn’t Always the Best Policy

girls-season-2-episode-2After watching the latest episode I have officially sat down and started enjoying my ride on this train ride we know as Girls. One of the key elements to the show are the conversations between Hannah and whoever is there to watch her dig herself into a giant hole. While my favorite moment from any Girls episode will always be when Hannah finds out her previous lover Elijah is gay a conversation between her new lover Sandy (played by Donald Glover) is a close second.


At the heart of the episode is something that anybody who is creative and in a relationship has experienced. Whether you’re an artist, musician, writer or something in between when you’re in a relationship you want nothing more than for that person to love your creations. Sure, you may say it doesn’t matter but you know you’re lying. Hannah likes to think she can take constructive criticism but I think even she knows that’s not possible. When she gives one of her cherished essays to Sandy for his reading pleasure she is taken aback when he doesn’t immediately run to her with a gushing review. Instead, he wholeheartedly avoids the topic. This all comes to a head after Hannah talks with her friend Jessa who is in quite literally the honeymoon stage of her marriage. Her husband loves her paintings and as she says looks at them the moment she shows him (which seems more like a requirement of looking at something but then again this is Jessa we’re talking about).


Jessa does what all friends do and that is she plants a seed. We have all had those moments when talking about our significant other with a friend and they tell you how things should be. Suddenly a light bulb goes off and you’re putting your foot down ready to change things. This leads us to the second best conversation in Girls history. Hannah goes out on a limb and makes Sandy tell her his opinion of her essay.

All he can say is, “It was really well written.” In fact he says this multiple times only digging the knife in deeper. But in all seriousness he is entitled to that opinion. And all of us who reach out to our loved ones and demand their opinions should build up a thick skin before throwing ourselves to the wolves. In true Hannah fashion she goes on the defensive.

I saw something very familiar unfold as she used his criticism of her work as a bouncing board to throw her shit at him. This eventually turns into a conversation about race that I think was handled perfectly. Neither party let anything get in the way of being honest. Hannah tries to say she never noticed he was black to cover her own ass and he calls bullshit. I think we all know at this point that she can cross the line into crazy girl and this time was no different. It is hilarious to see Sandy get to a point where he flat out tells her she needs to leave. The cherry on top of the scene for me is the end.

After an incredibly awkward argument that ultimately leads to a break up, Hannah must ask the age old question, “Do you still want to have sex?” I don’t know what this says about me but I felt completely right there with her. I felt it was a legitimate question or more I could see myself asking the same bonehead thing. Of course when he says no she denies that she even wanted to but we all know she was hoping for one last hurrah.

Girls manages to tackles issues such as creativity mixed with relationships and say some pretty poignant things. Maybe not outright but in a way that people can better relate to by presenting realistic relationships and legitimate issues wrapped in awkwardness and quick one liners.


The rest of the gang is almost exactly where we left them in the last episode. Shoshanna and Ray have given into their love for one another and are the cutest thing since the last time I saw a puppy. They are having a cute moment in bed when Marnie comes home from being turned down for a curator position. The thing I love most about Ray is that he says the things I am thinking. He admits Marnie is pretty, but he is not in anyway attracted to her completely counteracting every person that says she is gorgeous. So refreshing. Something else I took away from that scene or really any in Shoshanna’s apartment is all the shit she has in that place. There is a ginormous Eiffel Tower decal on her freaking refrigerator. It’s like they pulled the décor ideas from every annoying girl on Facebooks profile picture from her room.

Marnie is also dealing with the aftermath of having mock sex with Elijah at the housewarming party. I mean seriously the dude was barely in there for over a minute. His boyfriend George has broken up with him because he feels Elijah is in his confused stage. Is he bi or gay? Only Elijah knows. It’s interesting to see a topic that is actually very prevalent in todays society handled with such comedy. This is owed mostly to Andrew Rannells who plays Elijah with such a ferocity it’s memorizing. I am on the fence about whether they should tell Hannah because after all Elijah is right. It won’t be easy and ultimately it will turn into her having a pity party.


One of the last memorable moments is something I encounter often in my age group. Marnie has fallen into the kind of twentysomething that takes a job they either used to talk shit about or swore they would never do. When Hannah questions why the hell she is a hostess, or as she puts it a “pretty person job” Marnie goes off about how perfect the job truly is for her. However it’s more a coping mechanism as she is clearly over compensating. She is trying to convince herself that taking a job below her standards is somehow justified because she can practice communication and make loads of money. I’m not making a comment on a hostess job but for the character of Marnie it’s what she would consider “below her” the girl worked  a gallery for Christ’s sake. Hannah wastes no time expressing how she took the moral high ground by settling for a regular job not cashing in on her sexuality. Who is right I’m not sure but I have a strong feeling Marnie won’t last long in that gig.


The episode ends when Adam turns into a semi-stalker using the key to Hannah’s apartment that she gave him for emergencies. He won’t accept that she doesn’t want to be with him and he reacts by playing sneak attack. Part of me feels like it is super creepy to sneak into her apartment and play peek-a-boo but when she starts pushing him and telling him to go away I feel for the guy. In a moment of reaction she dials 911 for mere seconds before cancelling the call. However, the police don’t mess around and come to check her apartment. Due to unpaid parking tickets and a peeing violation Adam is arrested after giving up his name. This is reminiscent of when he was hit by the truck and it was kind of her fault. He is going through so much for a girl that he loves but will he give up? There is a part of me that thinks Hannah still genuinely wants to be with him but his need for her has become a nightmare of what she wanted. We all have dreams about what our ideal relationship is but sometimes when we get it we were wrong.

And finally it was finally revealed what exactly Hannah was doing in those leopard leggings in front of her laptop. Exercising. But when Dunham does exercising it’s a site to behold. Everything is sloppy and uncoordinated. The way she goes through the show with bra straps showing and revealing dresses with such ease will always amaze me.