Girls S2E10 – So Long, Farewell

Girls S2E10 – So Long, Farewell

Girls has taken an unexpected turn in the season finale….


Ultimately, each character spent the entire season working towards getting to the point we find them at in episode 10. For many fans that adored the first season the last few episodes have thrown them for a loop and it was almost necessary to have an uplifting episode send us out.


First things first, Jessa is long gone. I find this the most appropriate outcome for her character. She loves to do the floaty dance, pulling a mall tango with all those around her and I’m sure she will reappear right as everyone has settled down ready to party. Or maybe she’ll get married again. Or get a job. Who knows? Personally, I was pleased to have her absent for a few episodes, there is so much more to worry about.

vvThen we have Shoshanna. Oh Shosh. We can always count on her for solid comic relief and a brief moment light airiness. Not so much in this episode. We find her and Ray having what appears to be one-sided sex. You’re really in love with a girl if you can keep a boner by feeling her boobs through a sweatshirt either that or you’re a 13-year-old boy with obsessed with Jergens.

The minute a girl requests that you “get out of her” it should become crystal clear there are problems. The moments I look forward to most in Girls are the ones that feel too familiar it’s eerie. Like hearing Ray ask “This again? This is a real issue?” when Shoshanna tells him his lack of ambition is killing her.


Here is a general message to dudes: if a girl brings up something with concern and attempts to have a real discussion with you IT’S AN ISSUE and yes it’s real! Try not to do too much pondering on your end and save yourself some aggravation, man up, listen to her jibber-jabber for 10 minutes and say you’ll work on it…THEN WORK ON IT.

Try to ignore that feeling you’re getting right now that screams “Alex has been through this before”, it’s all in your head. But seriously, Shoshanna strikes me as a girl that makes countless plans in her mind and the very thought of somebody flying by their coattails drives her to the brink of insanity. This becomes a very big problem when it’s her boyfriend.


Given that Ray loves her he does the best he can in trying to move up the ranks at his coffee shop gig.  Close, but no cigar. Sadly, I think she has had the realization that change might not be possible for Ray and she can wait around. Kudos to her for acting on this gut instinct and squashing things with him before getting so deep in the relationship it’s a thousand times harder to let go.



However, her encounter with the doorman was a moment that seemed to jerk awake her sexual side and she hasn’t been able to put it to sleep. Having not told Ray the truth she uses his lack of ambition as the reason for their break up as well as the fact that he “hates everything,” but viewers know it’s much more than that. This is evident in the last scene where a casual conversation with hot blond turns into a full on make-out session.

So, Shoshanna the sex kitten and Ray the loser. What to do, what to do? I said it before and I’ll say it again, this little event might put Ray exactly where Adam was at the beginning of season 2. Not to mention Shoshanna’s move is very reminiscent of some recent Hannah behavior. But we’ll have to wait for that.


Secondly, there is Marnie. Sometimes I wish Marnie would pull a Jessa and just drift away…no such luck. After their sexy office tango Charlie and her are in full f*** buddy mode except she’s not exactly clear on that. I meant really Charlie? Don’t take your fling to brunch, totes a couple move.


Needless to say she’s confused when it becomes clear they might not actually be dating. In classic Marnie fashion she pouts, storms out of the restaurant and looks back waiting for Charlie to follow her. He’s a sucker and a half so naturally running after a whiny girl is his “thing.”


She delivers a speech that would mean a hell of a lot more to me if I felt she actually learned something this season. I know I’m always hard on Marnie but it’s moments like this that make me feel often repulsed by her. Her speech consist of telling Charlie everything he’s always wanted to hear, like she wants to have his brown babies and make him a snack at night. Freaking adorable right? No.

I don’t even want to tally up how many times she has uttered the phrase “This has been the worst year of my life!” But did she do anything to change it? She wanted everyone to feel sorry for her simply by constantly reminding them she was having a bad year. She starts of the season with a completely inappropriate impromptu visit to Charlie’s to just “sleep” then spends most of the season staying just close enough to him so he can’t move on.

Let’s not forget her new job, which we all know she would look down on anybody else for taking and her soiree with Booth Jonathan.  It’s almost as if she set herself up to be disappointed with that one jumping into a “relationship” with the first guy that showed her attention. She seemed to be grasping for anything rather than taking a moment to consider that her poor decisions might be the reasons for her “bad year.”

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 11.52

Then Charlie gets himself together and in a little speech to Ray she completely shits on his newfound ambition. Only to then end up screwing him in his hip new office which leads us to their heartfelt moment. How much can Charlie have changed within this last year? I imagine he will still be too “smothering” for her and even as he’s going to town downtown on her she must question how many people he’s slept with since her. Classic Marnie.


Sure, they’ll have their honeymoon phase but all she has done this whole time is run back to what feels easy for her. I must say though, Charlie is making that stray curly wonder on top of his head WORK and I just might run to him if I Had the chance. I’d be excited for their future if it wasn’t for her lack of development. Lately she has seemed like a Dawson’s Creek version of what struggling in your twenties feels like. Get over yourself Marnie, grow a pair and leave Charlie alone. Another more deserving girl should acquire that ethnic wonder.

In the tradition of saving the best for last I must now discuss the amazingness that is Hannah and Adam. Something was set in stone with Adam this week. He needs a girl that is ready to get freaky in the bedroom. Natalia’s need for slow, easy penetration and desire not to be a dirty little whore is for some other square. Plus, who needs somebody with a bad case of the whispers? I think she realized this as well as they share even more awkward sex where I’m sure he blew his load on her chest.

I’m no feminist but I did notice a little something. In a classic prince rescuing moment a beefy, handsome male saves Hannah from herself. Ahh how refreshing.


But honestly, I don’t care because it’s what she needs. Her OCD has gotten the better of her and is now posing a potential threat to her being sued. The magazine gave her a large advance and who knows what the hell she spent the money on. Maybe 8 bags of chips or 8 boxes of Q-tips. Still reeling from her ear experience she remains holed up in her house in that long t-shirt we have all come to know so well.


She gets an idea that many girls are familiar with, yeah I’m talking to all you ladies that saw Carey Mulligan working the short hair and thought you could be that cute. Here is a public service announcement: cutting your hair like her won’t get you Shia Labeouf. But this is Hannah Hovarth we’re dealing with and anybody remember when her and Elijah were discussing possible theme parties? Her confession is that she always thought she was really good at cutting hair.

Girls S2 E10 - Shia and Carey

I think not…


Junkie Laird comes over to finish the back for her, which leads to an awkward moment where she assumes he wants to have sex with her again. He calls her selfish and sends her into a final tailspin.


As Adam destroys most of what he’s been working on since we met him in his makeshift workshop she decides to give him a ring for some FaceTime. Or rather as Adam calls it FaceSpace. I find the situation between Hannah and Adam far more adorable than anything we saw with Charlie and Marnie.

The minute he sees her on his little iPhone he can sense something is wrong, this is always evident when he refers to her as “kid.” It’s a term that could become annoying but he says it with such love it’s endearing and now I want my boyfriend to call me it just so I can feel that special.

Let’s back track for a moment a few episodes ago, when Hannah was in the doctors office and she revealed what her time away from Adam really was. Is he the greatest person in the world or the worst? Whatever the case she was taking the time to figure that out. Unlike Marnie I feel Hannah has spent her time away trying to discover what Adam means to her, as he has done in his experience with Natalia. There have been moments where you can tell each were comparing their new encounters with what they had together.


I didn’t need an episode where we get to see Hannah tell Adam her past experiences with OCD. I much more appreciate a moment like we had in this last episode where he asks in classic Adam tone , “Is that still going on? That stuff from high school? The OCDC shit? ” As candid as it may sound there is genuine concern in his voice. It’s very clear that she only tells those extremely close to her given that Marnie seems to be the only other person she told besides her parents. Knowing she told Adam reveals even more how meaningful he is to her.

This is also a classic example of reaching out to somebody when you know you’ll break down the minute they pick up the phone. I can’t tell you how many times I have picked up the phone when I’m crying and tried to pretend like everything was fine just waiting for the person on the other end to ask what’s going on. Or called someone when I’m super bummed just to “check in and see how they’re doing.” It’s a lie.


In a flash Adam is off racing down the street and in the subway shirtless trying to get to Hannah in order to comfort her. He stays with her every step of the way through a little thing called technology and if this scene doesn’t warm your heart you’re officially dead inside. If Girls were a movie this would be a classic movie moment, with finishing dialogue of,

“You’re Here…”

“Well I was always here.”
Mmmm the soft sounds of romance, but wait what’s that horrendous music in the background. If I had one gripe with the season finale besides Marnie it was the music placed over the final scene of Adam running to Hannah. Having loved almost every song used in the show since the start of the series I expected more.

I have had “Valentine” by Fiona Apple stuck in my head since it played over a montage of Adam and Natalia dancing in the bar last week. It’s not the first song you would expect for that set of scenes but it works without a doubt. Or when Fleet Foxes “Montezuma” finished out an episode from season 1 where Hannah is at her parents house talking to Adam in another long t-shirt. With examples such as this music that seemed it was pulled form a bad Katherine Heigl rom-com where a hunky dude runs to the airport to tell her he loves her was a huge disappointment.


But even with that I couldn’t help but tear up a little because I was so joyous. After the hurdles the characters have endured and the stress we have gone through as viewers this was a much needed touching ending. I’m excited or season 3 but I do feel that a break is necessary after the bold changes this season made. From what I’ve gathered this was a make or break it season and for all you out there that stuck through it with me I think we can be satisfied with the end result.