Synopsis courtesy of IMDB: A group of high school teenagers and their parents attempt to navigate the many ways the Internet has changed their relationships, their communication, their self-image, and their love lives.

Men, Women & Children wants to completely scare the shit out of you. If you are currently the parent of teenager you might as well break every device they have in half because the internet is pure evil. In various interviews director Jason Reitman has said this is a “snapshot” of the internet at a time when it’s still in its infancy and we will look back and study reminiscing on what it all meant.

(You can seen one of those interviews below from The Guardian)

Well apparently it means porn, suicide, adultery, teen pregnancy, eating disorders and the list goes on…and on….and on. While many of these things commonly occur on the internet Men, Women & Children certainly does not provide a proper representation of what the internet truly means in our culture today. You wanna know why? It’s too early to tell! What are we doing trying to make movies about the meaning of the internet? You said it yourself Reitman, INFANCY. Let’s slow our role on trying to write the history lessons our children’s children will be enduring years from now. Where are all the characters connecting with loved ones via Skype from across the globe or meeting the love of their life at coffee through They aren’t in this movie, because that would show something positive about the internet.


This is the kind of film where we are presented with an unhappy couple and they are BOTH using the internet to cheat on each other. You know, because the internet is pure evil. (Also, look at the picture above and how they are both on their devices. The deeper meaning is just slapping you in the face.) This is also the kind of film where a mother is taking inappropriate pictures of her daughter and selling them online. Which starts to happen by semi-accident. You know, because the internet made her do it. These are just 2 out of a handful of stories that occur in this shittier version of Crash (2004), as if that was even possible. Yeah I’m looking at you Paul Haggis. Remember how he reminded us that we all crash into each other so we can feel something?

This could have just been pushed aside as another shitty movie but it came from Jason Reitman and I thought he knew better. Then again, he did make Labor Day. We’re talking about a guy that made Charlize Theron a lovable, baby hating alcoholic in Young Adult (2011). The blame can’t be fully put on Reitman as he did co-write (for the first time) and the source material was a book full of the same kind of frightening tales.

Final Thoughts

Men: Save yourself from this one, it will just make you want to watch porn which you’re probably doing RIGHT NOW.
Women: Watch out, your husband is cheating on you with the internet.
Children: This movie is as scary as the internet. NC-17.

Also, go watch Young Adult instead of this dud.