The Talkies are: Alex Ortiz, Long Tran and Jacob Rosok



Each week on the podcast, The Talkies do what they do best: talk about movies, television, and all the real life that happens in between. Tune in as they dissect the latest films, revisit the classics, and try to make sense of the world of entertainment.

Alex Ortiz

It all began in a theater at just one month old as Alex experienced her first movie going adventure with Cocoon: The Return. The rest is pretty much history. With a love for anything Tom Cruise, a father that had a subscription to Columbia House and Premiere Magazine she has kept up with all things film over the years. Things only picked up with the world of Netflix and her beloved Roku box. Tensions can run high if a movie upsets her but she can also shower them with love. Luckily she has her fellow co-hosts, Long and Jacob to keep her focused or join in on the bashing. Keep up with her rapid fire movie watching via letterboxd.com/aortiz and be sure to tune every week to see what she has to say about new releases, trailers, film news and much more!

Long Tran

Long Tran an aspiring illustrator and a proud owner of a Netflix queue that grows more unwieldy with each passing day. He has known Jacob and Alex since middle school but has only recently joined forces with them on The Talkies to share their mutual love of all things movie-related. He is often said to be too charitable with his 5 star ratings, however, with the help of his co-hosts he is actively making strides towards improvement. When not discussing movies or dodging overdue library fees, Long likes to spend his time drawing. You can find his work at usuallydeluded.com.

Jacob Rosok

Jacob Rosok is a writer, musician and movie lover from Seattle, Washington. When he’s not reading comic books for hours on end at his day job, he can usually be found writing short fiction, singing incessantly to annoy his roommate, or yelling at his co-workers about why The Dark Knight Rises was a terrible film. Read his short fiction at jrosok.wordpress.com and stalk him at facebook.com/jrosok.